MSCI specializes in the sales, service and support of chromatography, mass spectrometry and automated sample preparation equipment.

MSC offers a wide range of courses in chromatography and biotech.

We have been doing this since 1998.

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Status At the end of the summer vacation we are now back at normal operations. COVID-19 precautions We follow the guidelines set out by the

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Ater a very quiet spring and a summer vacation we are now back with some new training activities. COVID-19 precautions We follow the guidelines set

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Upcoming courses

Kommende chromatografikurser:
17.-18. september 2020GC fejlsøgning210600
28.-29. september 2020GCMS vedligeholdelse210600
5.-7. oktober 2020GCMS brugerkursus315900
8.-9. oktober 2020Videregående HPLC210600
21.-23. oktober 2020Organisk Kemi315900
27.-28. oktober 2020GCMS ChemStation210600
2.-3. november 2020Headspace-GC210600
9.-10. november 2020OpenLAB 2, ChemStation Edition til GC og LC210600
11.-13. november 2020MassHunter 1: introduktion til MassHunter315900
16. november 2020GC splittersystemer og deres anvendelse (NYT)15300

Kommende biotek-kurser:
9. september, 16. september, 23. september, 30. september 2020Immunologi416300
1.-2. oktober 2020Real-time PCR29200
29.-30. oktober 2020Immunologi Light29200
4.-6. november 2020Proteinkemi312700
18.-20. januar 2021Histologi – grundkursus315900
27.-29. januar 2021Celledyrkning312700
1.-2. februar 2021Fremstilling af antistoffer210600
15.-16. februar 2021ELISA-teknikker210600

Kommende seminarer:

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MSC started in 1998 with coursework as the primary activity.

In 2009 we got the Nordic agency at GERSTEL equipment for automated sample preparation – and together with this status as Agilent “Value Added Reseller”.

Later, other agencies have been added, and the activities of MSC and MSCi today range from course activities, instrument sales and support as well as application and analysis work in our own laboratory.

We cover all aspects of modern analytical work with chromatography and mass spectrometry.

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