Microwave sample treatment

The system:

Is it easy to tell the difference between an immature and a ripe banana? Yes, but this can now be done electronically. IRIS is an imaging system that analyses both the colour composition of an object as well as other surface characteristics, such as size and circularity. The pixel-based part of the program can of course not only usable on bananas, but has the possibility to follow all colour changes in a product: bananas, meats, cheeses, cosmetics, tablets and many other materials.

Data processing:

Again, the strongest part of the system might well be the AlphaSoft software that enables a quantitative and statistical evaluation of the measurement results using the statistical data processing and chemometric analysis package, which over time will reduce or eliminate the necessity of a sensory panel.


IRIS is typically used to track changes in color due to maturation and aging. But size and shape can also be included (clumping, for example). This can be followed by changes in food, pharmaceuticals or other subjects where there are undesirable color changes or aging: fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses, creams, tablets, or documentation of stains and stain removal ….

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