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Peak focusing in GC

Efficient focusing

If you have difficulties focusing your peaks, getting a good peak shape, or are speculating into a Selective 1D/2D system:

The GERSTEL CTS is used for cryogenic trapping and concentration of analytes. The CTS enables improved separation, narrower and sharper peaks and therefore lower detection limits. Following the focusing step, analytes are introduced to the GC column using a highly accurate temperature program. 

For even lower detection limits, analytes from multiple injections can be concentrated onto the CTS. The CTS can be used in a single-column GC system placed at the head of the column or between the pre-column and the analytical column in a multidimensional system in order to refocus analytes prior to analytical separation (we have the expertise to build the system for you).

Two CTS models are available:

  • CTS 1 for mounting between two GC ovens
  • CTS 2 for focusing in one GC oven.

Cryogenic Trap Systems offer:

  • Introduction of compounds as a narrow band onto the analytical column
  • Sharper peaks for better resolution and lower detection limits
  • Compatible with all GERSTEL column switching systems e.g. MCS
  • Intuitive MAESTRO software control

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