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Thermal desorption to cover every need

Markes provides analytical equipment for gas chromatographic analysis:

The TD equipment may be connected to any of the leading GC brands.


MSCi ApS is authorized distributor of all Markes products throughout the Nordic region (Denmark, Sweden, Norvay, Finland and Iceland).

Unlike OEM dealers in our area, we cover the full range of both equipment and accessories.

MSCi - sales of instruments and training courses in chromatography and mass spectrometry

Thermal desorption from Markes

Regarding thermal desorption (TD), Markes is the leading producer in this field. The thermal desorbers are all based on the same technology as found in the “Unity”, and have been field proven for more than 15 years. 

In addition, the complete range of Markes TD tubes, accessories and tools for TD analysis makes a Markes solution a safe choice for any laboratory. 

Chromatographically, the products are characterized by good repeatability and excellent peak shape in the chromatograms.

Service of Markes products

Our employees are trained at the headquarter in Llantrisant, and we can maintain and service the complete equipment range.

We also have direct access to the Markes experts for advice about thermal desorption and mass spectrometry.

We sell the full range of accessories and consumables from Markes

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