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Horisontal thermal desorber TDS

For the analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles

The GERSTEL Thermal Desorption System TDS is a flexible multi-functional system for highly sensitive determination of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs and SVOCs) that have been trapped on adsorbent tubes or on GERSTEL Twisters. The difference between TDS and TDU is:


operates through a horizontal separate autosampler with 20 position tube holder, LARGE capacity of TD tubes (largest of all existing systems).


operates through a vertical autosampler integrated into MPS Robotic, with up to 240 position tube holders.

Analysis without sample preparation

The TDS is also frequently used for direct thermal extraction and determination of VOCs and SVOCs from solids without sample preparation. Application examples are natural products, flavor and fragrance, emissions from materials that are used indoors in buildings or in automobiles, semiconductors, polymers and packaging.

Low detection limits

The TDS is mounted on top of a Cooled Injection System CIS which is used as a cryo-trap, focusing and concentrating the components to be determined, and then transferring them to the capillary column in split- or splitless mode without analyte discrimination or loss of analytes. With the addition of the TDS-A Autosampler, the TDS becomes a fully automated thermal desorption system capable of unattended analysis of up to 20 samples.

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