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Gas sampling system (GSS)

Reliable collection of air samples

The Gas Sampling System (GSS) is an active sampling system based on pumped sampling of air onto one or two adsorbent tubes, which are then analyzed by thermal desorption combined with GC/MS. The two flow channels may be used as independent, for Distributed Volume Pair samples or as identical channels for critical and unique samples.

Dual channel system – for improved safety

The GSS is equipped with mass flow controllers as well as mass flow sensors with Flow Tamer™ Technology. The GERSTEL GSS is compatible with all standard TD-tubes used for thermal desorption. All collection parameters are independently recorded on both channels and may be sent to an external data device. Sampling may be started using a pre-programmed time schedule or on-demand from the built-in touch screen.


  • Parallel sampling onto two adsorbent tubes
  • Sample volumes can be specified independently for each channel
  • Sampling flow can be set independently for each channel
  • Duplicate samples or Distributed Volume Pairs can be collected
  • Simple sampling including back-up sample
  • Compatible with all standard adsorbent tube types
  • Sampling using a programmed sequence or manual operation
  • Two independent flow channels with separate integrated pumps
  • Constant flow sampling or intermittent sampling
  • Low flow sampling for time weighted average (TWA) operation
  • Battery operation for independent and flexible field sampling
  • Rugged housing ideal for field operation
  • Reliable and accurate sampling
  • Reliable and accurate sampling for accurate results
  • Full documentation and traceability

Sampler records and stores start and stop times, sample duration, average flow rate and total collected volume for each collection event, data are retrievable via USB interface.

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