Microwave sample treatment

The high resolution TOF MS:

The high resolution TOF, with a “folded flight path” of 20 or 40 m, a resolution of up to 50,000. This is the instrument for demanding non-target GC analysis, where the combination of good EI mass spectra and accurate mass are necessary tools for the identification of unknown components in the chromatogram.


Due to the high scanning speed and the robust pump system Pegasus GC-HRT is also particularly suitable for GCxGC analysis. Because of the cold-spot refocusing before the second dimension, in GCxGC the individual peaks are considerably sharper than conventional GC analysis. The system has, due to the long flight path, “only” a scan speed of up to 200 spectra / sec, and it is therefore necessary with a small compromise in terms of the number of scans per peak.

The sharpest peaks, down to 35msec, can only be expected to reach 5-6 scans over the peak, and peaks in 35 – 50msec interval can therefore be expected to be less accurate quantitated.

However, the combination of comprehensive GC and a high-resolution MS is a unique combination in the identification of unknowns. Again, it is essential that the software can manage the GCxGC data, that it is robust, logically constructed, and operates each time. This is what ChromaTOF does.

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