Laboratory benches for mass spectrometers

IonBench is a new agency at MSCi.

IonBench laboratory benches are dedicated to systems with mass spectrometers, ie primarily GC / -, LC / – and ICP / MS.


The tables are extremely robust and some of the models are classified to> 400 kg, fitted with lockable castors and integrated noise-reducing cabinets for pre-pumps.

In addition, versions are available as raising / lowering tables.

IonBench borde til MS

Mobile, flexible, noice and vibration reduction

The choice of IonBench laboratory benches will mean an improved working environment for both daily users and technicians who have to service the systems.

In addition, the solid design especially protects turbo pumps, as these are somewhat sensitive to vibrations.

The noise-reduced cabinets also have ventilation and “anti-vibration” mounting in the tables.

  • Integrated noise reduction, including cooling system based on silent fan technology and with both an audible and visual alarm in the event of overheating

  • Increased accessibility, the tables are fitted with lockable wheels and can therefore be moved as needed

  • Vacuum pumps are placed on a patented vibration-absorbing stand

  • Better ergonomics and safety in the laboratory by using tables specially designed for your application, taking into account your specific requirements (electricity, PCs and monitors, solvents, etc.)

Benches designed for your needs

With the different kinds of benches that are available, you can design exactly the solution that is right for your instrument and laboratory.

IonBench® laboratory benches are compatible with all major mass spectrometry brands, such as Agilent, Bruker, Jeol, Leco, Perkin Elmer, Sciex, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waters.