Leco Pegasus BT

Pegasus BT, a table-TOF

In short, a table-top model with “better-than-unit” resolution and with an instument detection level at <20fg OFN in full scan, together with a linearity range of 105. And a scan rate of 500Hz.

The system is equipped with Leco’s “Open source” ion source, which in practice means a rare dismantling and cleaning of the MS. This is of course of general importance, but especially in a production environment, with dirty samples, sludge, earth or human extracts and/or derivatized samples a robust ion source will mean a diffference in daily productivity. The ion source is designed for EI.

The TOF design means that the system is always run in full scan, an advantage if you want a full and comprehensive overview of what is in the sample.

The high scan rate also makes the system well suited for GCxGC.

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