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Reliable sample preparation

Reliability and reproducibility of any sample preparation depends on exact thermostating and efficient mixing of samples, solvents and reagents.

For all applications GERSTEL offer the right Agitator for the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS. The Agitators 6 position tray can all be used for Headspace incubation, thereby improving efficiency of the Headspace sampler.

Three versions are available:

1: Standard Agitator

The Standard-Agitator for the GERSTEL MPS provides efficient mixing and thermostatting up to 200 °C.

2: Agitator-Stirrer AS

The Agitator-Stirrer AS for the GERSTEL MPS can either operate in agitation or stirring mode using conventional magnetic stir bars. Stirring helps efficiently mixing heterogeneous or viscous samples, accelerates equilibration for headspace sampling and extends the lifetime of SPME fibers.

3: Cooled Agitator

Some analytes degrade at higher temperatures, biological samples may undergo natural decomposition. In many cases it is necessary to perform transformations under reduced temperature.

The Cooled Agitator for the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS gives access to a temperature range from 10 °C up to 200 °C and is therefore well suited for thermal labile samples.

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