The safe way to characterize smell, taste, and appearance

The systems from Alpha M.O.S. are highly-specialized for the characterization of the aroma, taste and visual appearance.

It consists of an “Electronic nose“, an“Electronic tongue”and a “Visual analyser“, as well as a strong statistical package that minimizes manual control and QC.

Altogether, Alpha M.O.S.’ systems are unique in defining an electronic profile from the sensory input that characterizes any product, be it food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical products or other consumer products.


Alpha Soft is Alpha M.O.S.’ common platform for all systems.

This minimizes the learning and is important for the ease of use of the built-in tools, especially the statistical part of the package, from one system to another.

Visit our running lab

With this type of instrumentation it is of course of importance to test the quality of the analysis and the statistical value for the end user.

We have the electronic nose standing in our demo lab and we can run test samples on both “electronic tongue”, and “visual analyzer” at the Alpha M.O.S. headquarters in Toulouse.

We therefore welcome test samples to evaluate both the analytical part and the value of the statistical processing of the results.

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