Service and support

Service and support

We provide service on all our products.

MSC provides service and support on all the instruments we sell. Besides, we provide support and other assistance on instruments.

We can conduct inspection and troubleshooting
and repair work on installations consisting of equipment from GERSTEL, Agilent, Peak Scientific, MARKES, OI Analytical and at CombiPal from CTC.

Service agreements

We offer fixed service agreements that include annual inspections according to the manufacturer’s regulations or a full-service agreement that covers virtually all damage and instrument breakdowns.

The frequency and extent of scheduled maintenance may depend on the instrument and, not least, its use. So feel free to contact us for a discussion of options.


Of course, in case of instrument breakdown or sudden failure, we can also help. We often have available capacity on our GC-MS equipment (Agilent GCMS with GERSTEL sampler systems). Please contact us for further information

If technical support is needed, we are also ready – whether the problem is of a chromatographic or application nature or whether there are instrument or software problems.

Other services


Applications – that puts the customer’s needs first MSCi prioritizes choosing the right solution in collaboration with the customer.   We focus primarily on the application

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Customized training

Customized training Customized training A major part of our training activities are customised to the specified needs and demands of the customer. On-site training  Training

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MSCi salg af analyseudstyr

Instrument sales

Instrument sales In the Nordic countries MSCi acts as distributor of GERSTEL Agilent Technologies (chromatography and mass spectrometry) LECO SYFT  Alpha M.O.S. Markes OI Analytical

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MSCi metodeudvikling

Method development

We provide method development services We are happy to assist with developing, improving, and optimizing  chromatographic analysis methods. Our staff has a combined many  years

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TeamViewer remote support

TeamViewer remote support We use the TeamViewer program for remote diagnosis and remote support of our clients’ installations. TeamViewer is a recognized platform that is

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Feel free to send us a message via the contact form and we will reply back as soon as possible.

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