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Microwave sample treatment

Time saving – and highly precise

Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming and difficult-to operate, especially when recovery and reproducibility are lacking due to sample variability. If Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process.

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) with Automated SPE Option for standard cartridges provides several benefits compared with manual Solid Phase Extraction:

  • Improved recovery, precision and reproducibility
  • Maximized sample throughput by performing SPE during GC or LC analysis of the preceding sample
  • System may run on-line and just-in-time, minimizing variations due to degradation of sensitive samples, evaporation etc. This will improve RSD
  • More than 50 percent time saving for overall analysis, compared to manual processing

Automated SPE

The GERSTEL SPE enables automated sample preparation and analysis even for complex samples. Samples are prepared in a simple and safe manner combining accurate results with high throughput.

In addition to the automated SPE, other sample preparation steps are easily selected in a combined method, examples are:

  • Dilution and standard addition
  • Automated weighing, centrifugation and sonication
  • Derivatization before or after solid phase extraction
  • Heated or cooled conditioning and mixing
  • Solvent exchange

One method and one sequence table control the complete system including sample preparation and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.


Effective focusing

Problems with focusing / good top shape, or desire for a selective 1D / 2D system ?:

GERSTEL CTS is used in cold focusing of analytes and provides better separation, narrower and sharper peaks than normal focusing by injection and thus lower detection limits.

After focusing, the analytes are transferred to the GC column using an accurate temperature program. For even lower detection limits, analytes from multiple injections can be concentrated on CTS.

CTS can be used before the column or between the 1st and 2nd columns of a multidimensional system (we have the in-house expertise to build the system for you).

The two CTS models:

  • CTS 1 for mounting between two GC ovens
  • CTS 2 for focusing in a GC oven
  • CTS provides the following options:
  • Focusing on analytes as a narrow band on the analytical column
  • Sharper peaks provide better resolution and lower detection limits
  • Compatible with all GERSTEL column coupling systems, eg MCS
  • Intuitive MAESTRO software control
  • 100% integrated method and sequence table for the entire analytical system, including GC / MS

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