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Preparative fraction collector PFC

Fractionated collection

Gerstel’s PFC allows the use of GC as a purification method for difficult separable components and may over a few days collect sufficient material for a subsequent or 14C or NMR analysis. The same sample is run again-and-again, and the selected components are sent to the cold traps. The system can be essential for the characterization of newly found components in biological matrices.

PFC is equipped with six traps and a “waste”. Cold traps are available with a trapping volume of 1μL or 100μL, cooling may be chosen between LN2orcryostatic(-30 °C) cooling (The optimum temperature is important, as some larger molecules have a tendency to form a flaky structure while crystallizing and therefore have a tendency to disappear from the trap).The system allowsfor the collectionofindividual compounds,several compounds, orcertainclassesofcompounds.

Thecoldtraps may be selected/deselectedin 0.01minute increments.This allows thereliable collectionof closelyelutingcomponents.

PFC is designed without valves or cold spots in the flow paths, ensuring maximum transfer efficiency.
The reliability and reproducibility of the system makes it possible to collect components over several hundred injections.

Main Features and Advantages:

  • Automated collection of compounds or compound groups
  • Six collection traps using cryo-trapping or adsorbent
  • Purification of compounds from 100s of runs 
  • Separate waste trap (can be cooled for residue collection)
  • No valves and no cold spots for best possible recovery 
  • MAESTRO Software control for easy set-up
  • The GERSTEL PFC can be used with all standard gas chromatographs

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