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About MSCi

We work with instrument sales and support  primarily relating to chromatography and mass spectrometry.

We work with instrumentation from a range of supplier, amongst these: GERSTEL, Agilent, IonSense, Alpha MOS, and Markes.

We conduct training activities within the field of chromatography, mass spectrometry, and biotech.

Contract analysis, method development, troubleshooting, and consumables sale are also amoung our work areas.


  • Sales of anaytical instrumentation
  • Service and support
  • Analytical consumables
  • Training acticvities (open or customised)
  • Contract analysis
  • Method development
  • Troubleshooting


MSCi goes back to 1998, and was started by Tore Vulpius. Initially, a one-man company, with training activities mainly focused on Agilent chromatography and mass spectrometry instrumentation.

Over the years,  consultancy and contract analysis was added;  in 2006 the former Kielberg training courses were added (now the biotech-related training activites at MSCi).

In 2008 we started working with GERSTEL, becoming the Nordic distributor of GERSTEL istrumentation and an Agilent VAR (valued-aded-reseller).

Thus, a more systematic sales, service and support organisation was  established,  soon incorporata number of additiona suppliers.

MSCi today employs a total of 10 people plus a number of external consultants for soem of our training activities.


MSCi offers a wide variety of courses in analytical chemistry, chromatography and mass spectrometry, both general and instrument-specific, typically aimed at practical laboratory personnel.

We are happy to customize courses according to specific needs.

Our teachers are theoretically well-founded and have years of experience in practical analytical laboratory work and in performing training activities.

We also offer courses on biotech topics with laboratory staff as the target group. Our educators are highly educated and often highly profiled in their field of work, and we are proud of our network of external educators!

Training and laboratory facilities

Our primary training room is right next to our laboratory facilities; this is particularly useful when conducting flexible training with interchanging theory and practical sessions.

Our training room is designed for teaching and we have provided a good overview, bright rooms and IT facilities for each student when needed.

Depending on the nature of the training, we can accomodate 8-12 attendees, the typical number beeing more in the order of 4-7 parrticipants. We thus emphasize trainingwith few participants, providing a more individual experience.

If so needed we can plan training sessions for larger audiences. In these circumstances we conduct the training using external facilities.


Instrument sales

MSCi sell and service analytical instrumentation from a number of suppliers, amongst these GERSTEL, Agilent, Markes, OI, MIDI and IonSense in the Nordic area.

See the full list of instrument products here

Dynamisk Headspace DHS

Contract analysis and Method development

We perform various kind of contract analysis, often quite specialised and with focus on chromatography and mass spectroetry

Service and support

We service all the instrumentation we sell.

In addition to technical service and troubleshooting we also work with method development and troubleshooting related to the analytical method, not only to the instrumentation being used.