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About the MSC group

MSC / MSCi deals with courses and instrument sales based on chromatographic analysis or biotech. We also carry out consultancy and method development as well as sales and support of equipment from, among others, GERSTEL, Agilent, Markes, and OI.


  • Courses / training
  • Analyzes / method using
  • Consulting


  • Sales
  • Service and support


MSC was started in 1998 by Tore Vulpius. In the beginning as a one-man company, with training in Agilent GC and LC systems as the primary activity.

Over time, MSC has added consultant and analysis work, and in 2006 the former Kielberg courses was added to the course activity.

In 2008, a co-operation with SAMSI AS was initiated, and a more systematic sales, service and support organisation established, which soon incorporated GERSTEL, Agilent and Peak.
In 2011 the instrument part was independently established as MSCi ApS and today the companies employ a total of nine, plus a number of consultants.


MSC offers a wide variety of courses in analytical chemistry, chromatography and mass spectrometry, both general and instrument-specific, typically aimed at practical laboratory personnel.

We are happy to customize courses for each company according to their needs.

Our teachers are theoretically well-founded and have years of experience in practical analytical laboratory work.

We also offer courses on biotech topics with laboratory staff as the target group. Our educators are highly educated and often high profile in their field, and we are proud of our network of external educators!

Course rooms and laboratory

Our course room is in close connection with our laboratory, and it is, therefore, possible on instrument-specific courses to plan a flexible teaching course with theory and practical exercises.

Our course room is designed for teaching and we have provided a good overview, bright rooms and IT facilities for each student.

Depending on the nature of the course, we can have up to 12-14 students on our premises, typically we are fewer. We, therefore, emphasize courses with few participants, so that there are more peace and better time for the individual.

On individual courses with several participants, we will – if the course content permits – hold the course on external premises.

Instrument sales

See our list of instrument products here

MSCi sell and service GERSTEL, Agilent (not in Norway), Markes, OI, MIDI and IonSense in the Nordic area.

Dynamisk Headspace DHS

Analysis and Method Development


Service and support

MSCi service all the equipment we sell, besides we service and support other types of equipment from CTC and Agilent