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MAESTRO is the software that binds all the functions in the MPS Robotic family together. It is a 4th generation software which is robust, and really easy to learn.

The MAESTRO software operates all GERSTEL modules and system solutions in a simple and efficient manner. Together with the MPS and all the added functionalities here, it turns the autosampler into a true robot.

MAESTRO can be operated as stand-alone software or fully integrated with the Agilent Technologies ChemStation/MassHunter platform. It is also integrated with the Thermo Xcalibur and the AB Sciex Analyst. Just one method and one sequence table runs the complete system from Sample Prep and Sample Introduction to GC/MS or LC/MS analysis. Set-up is performed in a very simple manner: By mouse-click.

Flexibility and traceability:

  • MAESTRO provides full flexibility by allowing an ongoing analysis sequence to be modified to incorporate priority samples while keeping track of all steps in the process from sample prep to sample introduction and beyond.
  • LOG file and Service LOG file functions provide traceability and make trouble-shooting easier
  • Automated E-mail notification in case the system is halted enables prompt intervention to ensure that your samples are analyzed as planned
  • MAESTRO has a built-in, context sensitive on-line help function to simplify and speed up the operation and improve the overall productivity.
  • Easy-to-understand explanation of each function
  • Simple and comprehensive training tool for new users
  • Provides recommendations for parameter settings
  • LVI Calculator speeds up optimization of your LVI analysis by calculating the proper injection parameters based on the injection liner used, the solvent boiling point and injection volume.
  • MAESTRO has a built-in maintenance function, simplifying maintenance planning and improving the overall operation. If the maintenance function is activated, the software will remind you to change ferrules or to perform other specified regular maintenance tasks whenever a user-defined number of injections has been reached (maintenance counter).

Sample Prep by Mouse-Click: The PrepBuilder function helps you automate all sample prep steps by mouse-click:

Standard addition Derivatization

Standard addition


Sample transfer

Incubation and Agitation




Liner Exchange
Solid Phase Extraction
Sample Introduction

MAESTRO Sequence editor: 

The sequence editor has intelligent fill-down functions that let you generate new sequences extremely easily and quickly. Priority samples can be added to the system at any point in the analysis sequence. When integrated into Agilent Technologies’ ChemStation/MassHunter one sequence table and one method runs the entire system including GC/MS or LC/MS

New sequence table generated by simple repeat function of first line. Intelligent fill-down function with “Increment Vial/ Datafile” option

Ny sekvenstabel genereres med en “repeat” functions af første linie.

New sequence table generated by modifying an existing table. Trays, injectors or methods are easily replaced by highlighting one cell and pushing repeat button.

Ny sekvenstabel kan også genereres ved at modificere en eksisterende tabel, trays, injektor eller metoder erstattes nemt ved at markere en celle og trykke ”repeat”.

Copy/paste function with clear indication of destination

MAESTRO Scheduler: 

The MAESTRO Scheduler provides an at-a-glance graphical overview of all sample preparation steps, the GC/MS or LC/MS analysis times and the total analysis time for the entire batch of samples.

Based on the scheduler overview, sample preparation and analysis times are easily optimized for highest throughput. When the method is changed, the effect on productivity is immediately seen on the display, the sequence is checked for errors before the run to ensure that all samples are analyzed as planned.

MAESTRO: Easy and convenient operation

During the software development of MAESTRO one main objective was a convenient and user-friendly handling.

  • The sequence is checked for errors before the run to ensure that all samples are analyzed as planned
  • The effects of parameter or method changes are visualized directly in eg. Scheduler
  • Interactive on-line help with parameter specific input assistance for fast method development
  • Sample preparation steps are conveniently and easily selected a from drop down menu – without macro programming

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