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By default, we provide Agilent GC and GC/MS systems for our instrument solutions, alone or combined with GERSTEL, Markes or OI. GERSTEL’s software package Maestro integrates 100% in MassHunter, OpenLab (or ChemStation). With Markes TD or with OI detectors, a dedicated but uncomplicated software run in parallel with Agilent’s software.


Agilent provides the broadest selection of GC and GC/MS systems and support in the industry. Their systems are well known for being robust and reliable, and a lifetime of 20-25 years is not unusual. This is reflected in the laboratories, where Agilent dominates the market.

With Agilent systems you are assured compatibility, now and onwards. After the closure of a GC or MS series (for example, from 6890 to 7890 GC series), Agilent typically guarantees delivery of spare parts for the series for 10 years. Furthermore, we often have spares on the shelves for elder instruments.

With Agilent instrumentation you may have complete trust in the analytical routines, in quality results, which add up in time saving and continuity.


We sell, support and service all combinations of the new 8890 GC- or GC/MS-equipment, including 7000/7010 MS/MS and 7250 qTOF systems.

We also sell, support and service any combination of detectors and/or splitters, Deans switch and/or back-flush systems, incorporated into and controlled from the OpenLab or MassHunter software.

We therefore support your system no matter what combination of instrumentation you have.


MSCi – Value Added Reseller – VAR

Why MSCi

We are Agilent Value Added Reseller (VAR) and are therefore official Agilent supply channel when it comes to all types of special solutions.

We sell, support and service the complete range of Agilent GC and GC/MS equipment and above instrumentation. We can therefore support your complete system, whatever combination of instruments you have chosen.

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