Who are we?


Tore Vulpius

The Captain

Tore holds a Ph. D. from the University of Copenhagen (chemistry and physics). He has an extensive experience with chromatogrphy and mass spectrometry

He manages MSCi on a daily basis, as well as participating in sales, support, training and consultancy work.

Owner and manager of MSCi since 1998.

Christian Nielsen

The Sales Manager

Christian holds a Ph. D. in chemistry from the University of Copenhagen. He has several years of experience with analytical chemistry, including setting up and running analytical labs in private companies (FlintGroup in Trelleborg and Bjørn Thorsen Ingredients in Gentofte as examples).

Christian mainly takes care of sales tasks – often so based on a strong knowledge of the analytical challenges involved.

Christian has been working with MSCi since November 2023.

Rasmus Bøg Hansen

The service manager

Rasmus is a chemist (M. Sc. in chemistry and data science from the University of Copenhagen). He is our senior technician, and is also involved in technical sales and application work. Rasmus is our final line of defense for all sorts of technical issues with instruments and IT-related issues.

Han has been part of MSCi since year 2000.

Jens Glastrup

Senior account manager

Jens is chemist (M.Sc. in biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen) .He hold a year-long erxperience with chromatography and mass spectrometry.

Often so, Jens work focuses on GERSTEL instrumentation (automated sample preparation and derivatisation).
In addition, he often work with sales opportunities and application support involving instrumentation from Agilent Technologies, AlphaMOS, and Peak Scientific .

Jens has been a coworker with MSCi since 2009; he is a former co-owner of the company.

Mads Brun Sørensen

Service Technician and application work

Mads is a chemical engineer working primarily with installations and with servicing analytical instrumentation (GERSTEL, DART, Agilent Technologies, Peak Scientific, Alpha MOS). In addition he works with application support and method development.

Mads has been an employee with MSCi since 2019.

Kristina Marie Thomsen
Kristina Marie Bøndergaard Thomsen

Service technician and application work.

Kristina is a analytical chemist with a M. Sc. from the University of Copenhagen.

She primarily works with installation and service work on on instrumentation from GERSTEL, Agilent Technologies, VUV, and Peak Scientific. She is also involved with application support and method development.

Kristina has been employed with MSCi since spring 2023.

Mathias Blichert Jørgensen

Vandalf project chemist.

Mathias hold a M. Sc. in environmental sciences from the University of Copenhagen.

Mathias primarily works as a projcet scientist on the “Vandalf project”, a 5-year project supported by the Innovation Fund Denmark and managed from the University of Copenhagen.

In addition, he works with service and support work, primarily on GERSTEL instrumentation.

Mathias has been working with MSCi since 2023.

Anja Clemmensen

Administration manager

Anja primarily works with administrative tasks, including invoicing. In addition she is responsible for the catering at MSCi trainings.

Anja has been working with MSCi since 1999

Paulina Lundén

Accounting and financial administration

Paulina takes care of accounting and of other financial administrative tasks.

Paulina har been working with MSCi since 2010.

Nick Lindgaard

Our Access guy

Nick works with the on-going development of our Access-based ERP and CRM system – and with other IT related tasks.