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Shake it Baby…

The mVORX is a highly efficient vortex mixer and orbital shaker for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS). It enables efficient simultaneous mixing of up to 8 samples depending on the vial size used. Depending on vial size, up to 8 samples may be handled simultaneously. mVORX use a linear drive motor where the movement is strictly isolated in the horizontal plane, samples are effectively mixed at all speeds without contaminating the septum.


mVORX can be combined with a wide variety of sample preparation and clean-up techniques such as SPE, dispersive SPE (DPX), centrifugation, evaporation or filtration with the significant benefit of automated injection of the sample into a GC/MS or LC/MS system. Just one sequence table and – depending on the system – one method is needed for the entire process including GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.

mVORX features and benefits:

  • Planar, programmable orbital agitation movements from 200 to 3000rpm
  • Faster sample preparation, more efficient extraction/mixing
  • Vortex mixing in combination with all GERSTEL sample preparation techniques
  • Accepts different methods and vial sizes up to 8 x 2mL; 2 x 4mL; or 1 x 10mL
  • Easy to use, different vial sizes fit directly in the holder
  • Reliable and reproducible results, all samples are treated in exactly the same manner, better RSD
  • Integrated control of complete process including all sample preparation steps and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis

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