Markes autosampler – flexible or dedicated?

When TD autosampling is needed there are two possibilities:
For existing UNITY users an ULTRA-xr autosampler may be added. Alternatively, a combined TD-autosampler unit, the TD-100 can be added to any gas chromatographic system.

Independent autosampler – Ultra xr Series

The Ultra-xr adds autosampling performance to the UNITY, up to 100 TD tubes may be analyzed automatically or, if re-collection is added to the system (option), 50 tubes.

If two autosamplers are chosen to one UNITY, the system is capable of re-collection from 100 tubes at a time.

Re-collection is the possibility to re-capture the split components and store these on a fresh TD tube.

Integrated autosampler – TD-100-xr

When dedicated automated thermal desorption is needed, the combined unit with both a thermal desorber and autosampler in one instrument is the instrument-of-choice. The system has the same performance characteristics as the Unity-Ultra combination, and may automatically add internal standard to the TD tubes, perform automated re-collection of the running samples.

The system does not need an injector on the GC side as the excellent focusing characteristics of the cold trap ensure focusing of even the smallest components.

This instrument does not combine with the headspace or the Air Server option.

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