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Static Headspace (HS)

Improve the versatility of your autosampler

To many, Static Headspace is a standard choice when investing in a GERSTEL Robotic sampler. By including this module the versatility of the system is improved. Also, the system is now prepared for possible SPME analysis in the future.

Furthermore, if the sampler is chosen in the …Pro version, the injection heads can be automatically changed(Liquid, HS, SPME, sample prep) in the middle of a sequence. A possibility for automatic liner exchange in the injector may also be installed.

Headspace from deep well plates

If there is a need for expanding the need for HS analysis, we have recently re-programmed the system to include HS sampling from deep well plates.

This system is attractive for many laboratories, as it enables a large number of analyses in a short time. Either by classical GC/MS or by using SIFT, where the analysis time is a short as one minute/sample.

Multibel Headspace Extraction (MHE)

MHE is an analysis method for quantitation of analytes in difficult matrices, after an external calibration of the analytes response factor. The main/only disadvantage of the method is the number of analytical runs which must be at least three/sample.

Because of the automation, the technique is really attractive, especially in connection with SIFT-MS, where the total analysis time ends up in few minutes.

We do of course help with the method set-up.

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