Thermal desorption for every need.

UNITY Manual thermal desorber – the backbone of Markes.

UNITY-xr is the industry-leading analytical thermal desorption instrument for the simultaneous analysis of VOCs, SVOCs and thermally labile compounds collected onto sorbent tubes.

In contrast to other thermal desorption units, UNITY may quantitatively re-collect the thermally desorbed sample for re-analysis or storage, enhancing sample security.
Re-collection is the possibility to re-capture the split components and store these on a fresh TD tube.

UNITY also features an electrically cooled cold trap, which cools to -30°C, thus, LN2 is not necessary.


Easy connection to all GC brands

The UNITY connects to all types of GC as the electronically controlled version is administered from independent software.

Unity connects to the GC pneumatics for easy control of the linear gas rate on the column.

UNITY does not use an injector for connection because of the excellent focusing characteristics of the built-in cold trap, even for the smallest molecules.

Total flexibility

The UNITY-xr may either be used as the base unit for all the Markes possibilities, or built into the more dedicated, but also somewhat more analytically limited TD-100-xr, which is the autosampler-thermal desorber built into one instrument.
If you deal with humid samples, the Unity-xr has two different drying possibilities, Nafion for non-polar samples, and Kori for polar components.

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