Thermal desorption – the choice of TD-tubes


3,5 ”x 0,25” or 60 x 6 mm tubes?

TD tubes are mainly available in two dimensions - which ones to choose?

TD tubesare mainly available in 2 dimensions: 3.5 ”x 0.25” from the manufacturers Markes and Perkin Elmer or 60 x 6 mm from GERSTEL.

NEW in our demolab

At MSCi we now have a GERSTEL 3.5 “desorber installed on our demo GCMS together with our “old” 60 mm desorber.

This means that we can compare the two systems. Our main points will primarily be the study of peak widths and sensitivity.

We look forward to presenting the results.


What is the difference between the Markes and GERSTEL systems?

The main difference between the Markes and GERSTEL philosophies is the ideas behind the transfer of components.

Common to all systems is a transfer from the TD tube to an intermediate cooled trap.

The total weight / amount of sorbent in the traps is less than on the TD tube, and the traps can therefore be heated significantly faster than the TD tube. This gives sharper peaks.

On Markes systems, the components are transported via a heated pipe and valve system.

On the GERSTEL, the TD tube is moved immediately in front of the trap system. There is therefore no dead volume or cold spots which can inhibit the transfer.


Different strengths

Over the years, Markes has built up a great deal of expertise and has developed a very complete program with aLL within thermal desorption.

GERSTEL has a somewhat greater versatility. The system is integrated in existing autosampler with multiple functions such as: HS, DHS, SPME, liquid injection, agitator, etc.

Visit our lab in Skovlunde

Are you interested in our products and would you like to have some of your own samples analyzed in our newly designed lab, you are more than welcome.

Contact Jens Glastrup, for an appointment.

TD-service at MSCi

With the new desorber in the house, we have the opportunity to offer TD service if you are short of capacity.

Feel free to contact us at 44539366

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