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GERSTEL autosampling and sample preparation robot

GERSTEL has more than 40 years of experience with the production of advanced instrumentation for chemical analysis by gas chromatography or HPLC.




Among the GERSTEL products you will find instrumentation for automated sample preparation, and for various kinds of GC and LC sample introduction techniques.

GERSTEL has adopted a modular approach – in particular this enables a smooth extension or adaption for specific analysis purposes.



The Maestro software – fully integrated

All of the GERSTEL instrumentation is controlled from the Maestro program – GERSTELS own and in-house developed softtware. Working with simple autosampler functions or with advanced sample preparation, derivatisation, weighing or centrifugation, the basis software is the same.

The GERSTEL instruments can be mounted on and work with chromatographic equipment from literally any instrument supplier.

With instruments from Agilent Technologies the Maestro software will integrate seamlessly into any of the Agilent ChemStation, OpenLab or MassHunter programmes.

Quality and traditions

The GERSTEL products are produced in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany. Thus, the entire process from R&D actitivites through the production of hardware and development of software is taking place in-house in a family-owned German company with strong roots in quality and craftsmanship.

The GERSTEL MPS 2/3 concept

The overall idea of the GERSTEL concept is automation of classical sample preparation and injection techniques for GC and LC analysis.

In most applications this is done by combining the conventional autosampler MPS 2/3 with the injector and/or thermal desorber and binding it together with the GERSTEL Maestro software. The software therefore also turns from classic autosampling to true robot functions.

Automatic sample preparation

Almost all types of pre-chromatographic sample prep may be automated. This is done by mounting one or more of the modules on the robot and hereafter incorporate the complete automating sequence in the software Maestro. The modules may be found in the sub-pages under “GERSTEL” (you may also look in the right margin) and can all be added to the analytical sequence. Maestro administrates the GC/LC analysis time and knows all modules “function time” in the sequence, and can therefore incorporate the sample prep time in the analysis time of the previous samples. Up to 6 samples may be handled simultaneously before injection. Samples are therefore prepared in exactly the same time interval before injection (just-in-time sample prep) in contrast to off-line systems. This is important for sensitive samples and for silylated derivatives which are often relatively unstable. This  type of sample prep therefore also improves RSD of the samples. Besides the just-in-time sample prep gives, because of the 6 simultaneous samples, as high sample throughput as is seen with the often much more expensive off-line systems.

We deliver and install the system, we prepare the complete derivatization-/sample prep sequence in Maestro, we instruct you in the use and programming of the software and the use of the hardware. We of course also deliver courses in the general use of the systems/brush-up courses on the software(s) used.

We deliver a comple solution.


Reduced cost – better safety and productivity

The initial investment in system automation results in higher productivity, reduced costs and last but not least, less “chemistry” in the laboratory surroundings; as the instrumentation is designed for high-throughput and is well suited for miniaturization. We do of course fully support and teach your laboratory in setting up the advanced sequences.


Feel free to contact us for more information concerning the GERSTEL products. contact us