Peak Scientific

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Gas generators for all of your laboratory needs.

Scottish Peak Scientific manufacture high quality gas generators. From an extended product line MSCi can deliver generators for the production of hydrogen, nitrogen, or air.

Become independent from you supplier of bottled  gases

The products from Peak Scientific are aimed at laboratories of all sizes – from single-instrument setups to multi-instrument installations.

A gas generator makes you independent from your supplier of bottled gases. The cost of supplying the gases will be lower, and for hydrogen the safety issues are more effectively addressed with a generator as compared to a compressed gas supply.

The cost of helium  has increased substantially over the last few years. Hydrogen can be an alternative to helium. We can discuss the pros and cons, and support you with the translation of your exisiting methods.

Peak Scientific delivers numerous different gas generator products. You will find a direct link to the official Peak Scientific homepage here