Solid Phase Extraction SPE

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Time saving – and highly precise

Performing Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) manually can be time consuming and difficult-to operate, especially when recovery and reproducibility are lacking due to sample variability. If Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) can be reliably automated, it becomes a much more efficient and reproducible process.

The GERSTEL Multi Purpose Sampler (MPS) with Automated SPE Option for standard 1, 3 and 6mL cartridges provides several benefits compared with manual Solid Phase Extraction:

  • Improved recovery, precision and reproducibility
  • Maximized sample throughput by performing SPE during GC or LC analysis of the preceding sample
  • System may run on-line and just-in-time, minimizing variations due to degradation of sensitive samples, evaporation etc. This will improve RSD
  • More than 50 percent time saving for overall analysis, compared to manual processing

The GERSTEL SPE enables automated sample preparation and analysis even for complex samples. Samples are prepared in a simple and safe manner combining accurate results with high throughput.

In addition to the automated SPE, other sample preparation steps are easily selected in a combined methods, examples are:

  • Dilution and standard addition
  • Automated weighing, centrifugation and sonication
  • Derivatization before or after solid phase extraction
  • Heated or cooled conditioning and mixing
  • Solvent exchange

One method and one sequence table control the complete system including sample preparation and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.



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