Gratis webinarer i foråret

MSC webinarer


Gratis webinarer - GCxGC - DART - SIFT-MS.

Vi har fornøjelsen af at invitere dig med ind i de mere specialiserede kroge af GC og MS 🙂

I 3 webinarer hhv i februar,  april og maj 2022 har vi  haft fokus på de mere specialiserede emner indenfor gaschromatografi og massespektrometri.

Alle webinarer har været gratis og åbne for alle.

Du kan se både dem og alle tidligere afholdte webinarer her:

SIFT-MS webinar

Robust real-time MS analysis in seconds

With direct SIFT-MS, the need for sample preparation, pre-concentration and chromatography is eliminated.

For use in all kinds of industry. In the lab – or as mobile units. 


Speaker: Allan Kim Ohlsson, MSCi

Language: English

DART webinar -

- with focus on fraud analysis of foods and materials

Thursday April 7th 15 - 16

Do you know what you are eating?

How can fraud in foods and materials be detected?

Fast DART-MS-detection combined with statistical analysis is one of the answers.

Speakers: Rasmus Bøg Hansen, Mads Brun Sørensen


Torsdag den 10. februar 2022, kl 15 - 16

Who: This webinar is for analytical chemists dealing with a lot of qualitative analysis who are looking to understand the gold standard of GC analysis.

GCxGC can be seen as a niche, somewhat impenetrable technique to get to grips with if you don’t have a dedicated guide helping you along. Unlike: much of the available literature, our expert presenters will take a manufacturer agnostic approach to GCxGC, discussing the pros and cons of the many variations in the technique. 

Our Webinar: aims to give you a leg up towards understanding this technique by discussing the following things:

• The background of GCxGC
• Modulation
• Application areas 
• Data processing

Language: English

Speakers: Rasmus Bøg Hansen, Matyas Ripszam

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