Free MassHunter webinar on Oct 24 14:00

Free MassHunter webinar

Who: This webinar is for analytical chemists and technicians who analyse GCMS data with the Agilent MassHunter software.

Masshunter is a quite complex software program with a rather steep learning curve.

Our webinar will focus on the rather general task of performing qualitative identification and using this information for subsequent quantitative analysis.

From identification to batch monitoring using MassHunter:

  • Data-driven chemical identification within a batch of samples.
  • Preparation of a united peak table from the sample batch
  • Configuration of a selective screening method
  • Application of the screening method to generate a data table: peak areas vs compounds

Language: English (however, Matyas unerstands a fair bit of Danish 🙂

Speaker: Matyas Ripszam
Webinar moderator: Tore Vulpius, MSCi

About our speakter: Matyas is a former emloyee at MSCI, now working with us on a consultancy basis. Matyas holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry and currently has a research fellow position at the the University of Pisa where his daily work extensively involves the use of MassHunter for GCMS data acquisition and data analysis.

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