Introduction to GCMS (English language)

This training course is delivered in English

What kind of training course is this?

This is an Agilent-specific training course (however, it covers basis GCMS concepts, and could be useful also for attendees that do not own Agilent instrumentation). The course is delivered in English language.

Training course overview

You will get an overview of the use of GCMS instrumentation from Agilent Technologies.
The training will focus on the needs of new GCMS users that need a systematic introduction to the subject, including theory as well as practical work with GCMS instrumentation.
You will get a brief introduction to the he practical use of the Masshunter or the GCMS ChemStation software.

Training course contents

  • Basic GCMS concepts, basic instrument functionality.
  • Tuning of the mass spectrometer.
  • Setting up acquisition methods and sequences.
  • Data acquisition in SCAN and SIM mode; optimization of acquisition parameters.
  • Data analysis: total ion chromatogram (TIC), extracted ion chromatogram (EIC), mass spectra, and library search.

Training methodology

The training course consists of a mixture of theory overview and practical work with GCMS instrumentation in our training laboratory.


Participants should possess a basic understanding of chromatography. No prior knowledge of mass spectrometry is assumed.

Hardware and software

Agilent Technologies 8890/5977, 7890/5975, and 6890/5973 GCMS instrumentation. MassHunter acquisition, QUAL, and QUANT ver. 10.0 GCMS ChemStation F.01.03, E.02.02
In our training lab we have instruments running MassHunter as well as GCMS ChemStation.

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Jimi Byrsø Dan (Hold musen over for at se yderligere info)

Mads Brun Sørensen (Hold musen over for at se yderligere info)


17700 DKR.


Vælg dato:

23.-25. oktober 2024