MassHunter 2, Advanced MassHunter Data Analysis (English language)

This training course is delivered in English)

Training course overview

Masshunter2 follows up on the MassHunter 1 course. We work with more advanced aspects of the Data Analysis.
The course will follow a workflow-based concept:
1: Non-targeted analysis
– An overview of MH Qualtative analysis for single sample porcessing.
– MH Unknowns Analysis for batch analysis
2: Suspect screening
– MH Unknowns Analysis and selective monitoring of suspected chemicals in MH Quantitiative Analysis with tentative identification
3: Target screening
– Selective monitoring of target chemicals of confirmed identity using MH Quantitative Analysis.

We focus on GCMS data. Data analysis of LCMS, high-resolution MS or MSMS data will be covered on demand.

Training course contents

  • Work flow in Masshunter QUAL: total ion chromtogram, extracted ion chromatogram, integration.
  • Deconvolution and laibrary searching; identification of components in complex mixtures.
  • Work flow in MassHunter QUANT: using batches and methods, calibration adjustments, calculations, control samples, manual integration..
  • Overview of reporting, report templates.
  • Introduction to setting up personalized report templates.

Training methodology

The training course consists of a mixture of theory overview and practical work with sample data using PCs with Masshunter.


Participants should possess a basic understanding of chromatography. A basic knowledge of Masshunter (for example corresponding to the MassHunter 1 training course) is assumed.

Hardware and software

Agilent Technologies 8890/5977 GCMS instrumentation. MassHunter acquisition, QUAL, Unknowns Analysis and QUANT ver. 10.0


11800 DKR.


Vælg dato:

5.-6. september 2024