Advanced HPLC training (English language)

This training course is delivered in English

Training course overview

The training course will improve your knowledge of development and optimization of HPLC methods.
We aim at providing insight from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective.
We use simple HPLC instrumentation from Agilent Technologies, but as such the course is not instrument-specific, and it will be relevant also for people not using instrumentation from this specific instrument provider.

Training course contents

  • The use of chromatographic parameters (partition ratio, resolution, efficiency, symmetry) as a means of describing the chromatographic quality.
  • Reverse-hase, normal-phase, and other fors of chromatography.
  • Column selection: physical dimensions, choice of stationary phase, carbon load,…..
  • Choosing your solvents.
  • Isocratic and gradient analysis..
  • Practical work with HPLC instrumentation.
  • Optimization by changing column parameters.

Training methodology

The training course consists of a mixture of theory overview and practical work with HPLC instrumentation in our laboratory.

course prerequisites

A basic understanding of chromatography is needed.
We expect the participant to have some prior experience with HPLC, either from a theoretical or from a practical point of view.
The course runs over two consecutive days, and is not instrument specific.


We use Agilent 1200 and 1100 HPLC instrumentation for the illustration of construction priciples and for a number of simpler practical excercies.


Mads Brun Sørensen (Hold musen over for at se yderligere info)

Tore Vulpius (Hold musen over for at se yderligere info)


11800 DKR.


Vælg dato:

8.-9. oktober 2024