Our partners

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is a UK-based company managed by Ray Perkins.
Anatune serves analytical chemists with automated gas chromatography and mass spectrometry solutions, their main products and services centered around their Multiflex instruments, AutoPrep GCMS systems, and SIFT-MS instrumentation.

MSCi has been working closely together with Ray Perkins and Anatune since 2009, and we see them as a strategic partner for MSCi.


Samsi AS

is a Norwegian company, owned and run by Terje Aasoldsen.
They support the analytical community with sales and support activities covering a broad range of products and consumables.

MSCi has been working with SAMSI since our early GERSTEL days; today SAMSI acts as the local supplier of GERSTEL consumables in Norway.

LAB Quality

is a Danish company owned and run by Lorens Sibbesen specializing in QC and QA in analytical laboratories. Planning of and execution of consultancy and training activities is a long-standing activity.