About MSC – Who

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Tore Vulpius Managing director, owner    
Tore Vulpius Daily manager, MSC, MSCi.
Lic. Scient. (Ph. D.) in Chemistry and Physics from University of Copenhagen.
Previously employed at University of Copenhagen and the Danish Technological Institute.
e-mail: tore@msconsult.dk
Mobile: +45 4063 0365

Jens Glastrup Head of Sales, co-owner MSCi    
Jens Glastrup

Daily manager, MSCi

Jens is chemist (cand. scient. from University of Copenhagen) and has most of his life been working theoretically and practically with chromatography and mass spectrometry.
Jens has been working with almost any type of samples and has vast knowledge about sample prep and derivatization reactions.

e-mail: jens@msconsult.dk
Mobile: +45 5172 6182


Anja Clemmensen Cook and administration    
Anja Clemmensen Anja is our cook and 100% responsible for the good food served. She also takes care of the invoicing.
Employed since 1999.
e-mail: anja@msconsult.dk

Rasmus Bøg Hansen Head of Service    
Rasmus Bøg Hansen Rasmus is chemist and datalogist (cand. scient. from University of Copenhagen) and head of our service and support group. His rock-solid knowledge about IT is a great help in our installation and support of our sometimes rather complex solutions.
Employed since: 2000.
e-mail: rasmus@msconsult.dk
Mobile: +45 2320 2925 or +47 4045 0691

Rikke Bendixen Analyses and course administration,    
Rikke Bendixen Rikke is laboratory technician and have many years experience in Chemistry analysis work, primary on GCMS systems. She often engages in our analysis- and development work, or our demonstration of solutions for customers.
Besides, Rikke is responsible for our course administration.
Employed since 2007
e-mail: rikke@msconsult.dk

Paulina Lundén Accountant    
Paulina Lundén Paulina maintains our bookkeeping, and also engages in the course administration and course material production.
Employed since 2010
e-mail: paulina@msconsult.dk

Mátyás Ripszam Application chemist    
Mátyás Ripszam

Mátyás is an application at MSCi and he has a strong background in high-res TOF mass spectrometry, GCxGC, automated sampling techniques and advanced data and statistical analysis.

Employed since 2017
e-mail: matyas@msconsult.dk
Mobile phone +45 71 91 98 11


Tanya Jacobsen Service technician    
Tanya Jacobsen

Tanya is laboratory technician and works as service technician for MSCi on equipment from GERSTEL and Agilent.

Employed since 2014
e-mail: tanya@msconsult.dk
Mobile phone +45 71 91 98 10


Kenneth H. Nielsen Service technician    
Kenneth H. Nielsen


Kenneth is laboratory technician and works for MSCi as service technician on GERSTEL, Agilent, Markes, OI and Peak Scientific. Kenneth has many years of experience on IT work, which often comes to good use in the field.
Employed since 2011.
e-mail: kenneth@msconsult.dk
Mobile: +45 2388 8859