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Sulphur and phosphorus detection

The Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector – PFPD – is a detector that takes advantage of excited atoms emitting light at well defined wavelengths. The exited atoms are created by combustion at high temperature. This pulsed variant achieves a much higher sensitivity, especially sulfur and phosphorus, than conventional FP-detectors, and can simultaneously measure carbon. As the combustion is pulsed, the light emission occurs at different time intervals after ignition. This gives the possibility to measure two simultaneous signals, for example carbon and sulfur simultaneously. Because of the robust nature and high sensitivity of this detector, we find it superior to all other S-detectors on the market.
The detector is rock-solid, and demands little maintenance.

The sensitivity towards sulphur is <1pg/sec.
The sensitivity towards phosphor is <0.1pg/sec.

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