Automated Sulphur analysis

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The OI Analytical S-PRO 3200 is a completely automated analyser for Sulphur components in gases and in LPG streams, such as propylene and ethylene. The system is based on a rebuilt Agilent 7890® GC in which the complete flow path is Sulfinert™ treated and the detector is the OI PFPD. This complete system guarantees the best possible S-analysis on the market today, and can analyze Sulphur down to the low ppb range, even on the most difficult Sulphur components.

EPC flow control and extended linearity

The system provides automated sample injection, calibration and QA/QC through a gas valve, and an (also) integrated permeation oven provides precise delivery of single or multiple calibration or QC standards. Because of the PFPD’s equimolar response, the use of a single calibration standard is usually enough.

The PFPD detector has an inherent linear range ~103, besides the system incorporates an “OI Volatiles Interface”, which provides splitless or split injections to up to 1:150, the total system therefore has a linear range ~105.

Because of the Agilent platform, the system easily incorporate other detectors as PID, ELCD and XSD in parallel/tandem, and because of the superior Sulfinert™ treatment in the entire sample path, the system can analyze even the most difficult compounds.

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