True 24/7 monitoring with GC analysis – Series 2 TT24-7

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Constant GC surveillance, without a time lag

The TT 24-7 is a dedicated instrument for true continuous analysis of air without interruption. With this instrument it is possible to achieve near real-time analysis using gas chromatographic analysis. The system is built upon two parallel thermal desorption-cold trap systems. While one system samples air, the other desorbs, re-focus and analyze the collected previous sample. Thus, there is a  continuous and uninterrupted sampling of the surrounding air. Sampling can be done with up to 800mL air/min. The fast cool down time of the cold trap enables sampling down to 3 min’s intervals, even with 0.25mm columns a complete monitoring cycle is easily achieved in 7 minutes, and with micro-bore columns shorter cycle time may be reached.

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