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Reliable purification

Suspended matrix or difficult phase separations may significantly influence analysis results and system stability. Ensuring a removal of matrix, or a complete separation of solvents, is therefore critical to many derivatization reactions or to many types of GC- or LC- analysis methods, particularly when large series of samples are analyzed. Besides, centrifugation is an essential part of many manual sample preparation procedures.

Integrated into the procedure

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) centrifugation option integrates centrifugation into a fully automated sequence as an integral part of the total sample preparation, for example combined with filtration, derivatization, addition of standards and sample introduction.

100% software control

MAESTRO software operates all GERSTEL modules and system solutions. Sample preparation and analysis are performed in parallel thanks to the MAESTRO PrepAhead function for best possible productivity and system utilization.

GERSTEL’s centrifuge option comes in two versions:


The centrifuge for general purposes. Holds 2 or 10mL vials and can spin these up to 4,500rpm or 2,000g.
Sigma 4-16KR:

The centrifuge for advanced purposes. Holds 2 or 10mL vials and can spin these up to 15,000rpm or 25,000g. The centrifuge may also be optionally cooled or heated.

Both centrifuges integrate into the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) and are 100% controlled by the MAESTRO software.

Benefits of the Centrifuge option:

  • Centrifugation is performed as part of the overall automated sample preparation process
  • Time saving through elimination of manual steps
  • Laboratory staff experiences an improved work environment
  • Rugged operation, reliable and reproducible results, identical treatment of all samples
  • High sample throughput and best possible utilization of the analysis system through PrepAhead productivity: The centrifugation – and the rest of the sample preparation – is performed during the ongoing analysis of the preceding sample
  • Manual methods can be transferred directly and automated and the method parameters are easily modified

Download brochure – CF200

Download brochure – Sigma

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