Automated Liner Exchange (ALEX)

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Do you perform routine analysis of with high levels of involatile compounds, particulates and other solid matrix material, e.g. QuEChERS?

Automated liner exchange

Matrix residue from samples can contaminate a GC inlet liner after a few runs, completely ruining the GC performance. Under such conditions, the analyst is forced to perform frequent liner replacement, an operation which normally requires manual intervention.

Running large series of samples will represent a serious challenge.

The GERSTEL Automated Liner EXchance (ALEX) technology automates the task of replacing liners in the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System CIS.

Up to 98 liners

Specially designed trays can hold up to 14 or up to 98 CIS 4 liners in individually sealed, contamination-free storage compartments.

Maestro software

The GERSTEL MAESTRO-Software provides integrated control of the MPS, ALEX system and CIS.

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