Q-TOF, Agilent 7250 for GC/MS

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If an ultimate MS for GC analysis is needed the Agilent 7250 Q-TOF is the right choice. The system is built upon classic MS/MS tradition, however, after the collision cell (hexapol) a Time-of-Flight (TOF) instrument is connected. This gives possibility for Accurate mass analysis system while providing full-scan EI spectra in the low picogram range, but now with the high resolution spectra. Due to the QqTOF construction, the possibility of fragment analysis and structure determination is immediately at hand, and the secondary fragments are delivered with Accurate mass. This new version comes with Agilent’s High Efficiency Source (HES) ion source with low-energy ionisation, without loss of efficiency. This means that CI will not be necessary, as the low ionisation energy favour the formation of molecular ions over fragmentation of the intact molecule

This is therefore a unique instrument for the demanding laboratory, which in turn gives the analyst the possibility of both classical GC/MS analysis, high-sensitivity QqTOF analysis, and complete structure determination based on fragment analysis.


Combination with GERSTEL MPS 2

Q-tof chromatogram

Especially in relation to the Q-TOF we strongly recommend that any investment is combined with a Gerstel MPS, since the MS versatility should be matched by versatile sample preparation options. Besides ordinary liquid injection, we believe that SPME, HS, automated Dynamic Headspace and automated thermal desorption of liquid as well as solid matrices are necessary tools to take full advantage of the system.

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